September 6, 2016

This Really Happened at Winn Dixie!

While putting my groceries in the back of the car, a lady tried to pull into the empty parking space beside me.

"Ma'am," she spoke to me from her open car window, "am I going to make it?"

I turned to survey the situation, "No ma'am, you're not. You're about to hit that car." I warned.

"Oh, dear, " she bemoaned, "I don't have reverse in this car."

I took stock of her vehicle. Oh my! Only in Alabama! Let me tell you, this car was held together with duct tape and chains! I'm not kidding. It looked like she drove it off the scrap yard. See for yourself:

She got out of her car and tried to push it backwards to avoid rear-ending the other car.

My mind scrambled, Oh, dear, she needs help and I have a bad back; I can't help her. Or, can I? What am I to do? I threw up a prayer to God and helped her push the car, very mindful that my first back injury occurred when I was pushing a car. Eek!

We pushed it just enough to avoid collision (I even had to help her turn the steering wheel, because she also had no power steering).

She safely parked in another space and I returned to put the remaining groceries in my car. As I did, I prayed, "Papa, please provide a better car for this woman."

"Give her the orange car." God whispered.

"Yes!" my heart jumped at the idea. The "orange car" was the Preacher's old Dodge Neon that we've been trying to sell for a few dollars or find a needy recipient. God landed Doris right in our laps.

Closing the hatch, I walked toward her. She was moving toward me as well.

"I wanted to tell you thank you," she said with appreciation. "Most people don't take the time to help."

"No problem," I returned, "And, I think I may have a car for you."

"Really, how much?"

"Not sure, let me check with the owner, and I'll get back with you."

We exchanged phone numbers and went on our merry way.

The Preacher was more than happy to give the orange car to Doris when I shared the story with him. So, the next morning we carried it out to her and transferred the title into her name. We had so much fun doing this!

We discovered that Doris lived in a little RV in a park not far from us. Doris met us with her neighbor Ricky. The four of us, the Preacher, Doris, Ricky, and I stood in front of her beat-up-duct-taped-chained car and visited a bit. We all celebrated how God had orchestrated the events. Lots of hugs and thank yous and giving God the glory.

When we drove away, Doris had her purse on her arm, keys in hand, and was ready to take a test drive in the orange car. The old Honda was being retired at the ripe old age of 400+K. Oh happy day!

Me with Doris and Ricky
(picture courtesy of the preacher)

I love it when God shows up in the routine of life and whispers in our spirit to follow His lead. Listening to Abba on a regular basis helped prepare me for that moment. I'm so grateful. There is nothing more satisfying than participating in what God is up to in this world.

And, drum roll please, no back pain!

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  1. Great story! Your comment "Listening to Abba on a regular basis helped prepare me for that moment" is the Holy Spirit' reminder to me for today.Thank you.

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