My journey with God

My own journey with God took a big turn years ago when I experienced spiritual burnout along with many tragic losses. I was in a tailspin of despair but tenaciously clung to the foot of the cross.

God met me there in a way like never before. He gathered me into His arms and embraced me. His love was not conditional upon my performance as a wife, mother, or member of the local church. It was not contingent on how many books I read, retreats I attended, or Bible verses I could quote. In my messiest of messes, He loved me.

He thought I was wonderful, and He told me so. His love has penetrated my deepest core. In the safety of His arms I learned about my uniqueness and value. I went from being the devoted servant of a demanding King, to the cherished daughter of an adoring Father. It’s made all the difference in the world.

It’s my life passion to lead people into this sweet place of intimacy. Your journey into the heart of God is only a click away.

Let’s get going. He has so much to say to you.

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Fun Facts About Me

Fresh office supplies make me giddy. Hardware stores are equally exhilarating. I’ve been known to take apart appliances and fix them; it’s true!  I can spend hours on Google researching the craziest things. Case and point - what are water towers about? I go to the beach every chance I get. I am honest to a fault and it’s got me into trouble.

On any given day you may find me riding my bike or jumping on the trampoline with the grands.  My newest love is my electric scooter.  Zoom, zoom!

I’m a pastor’s wife of 43 years, we have 10 grandchildren, and our sweet home is in Alabama!

  • B.S. in Psychology and Christian Counseling, Liberty University
  • Certified Spiritual Director, through New Way Ministries, Larry Crabb
  • Healing Prayer Minister - trained by Ed Smith
  • Heart Transformation Coach - Certified Professional Life Coach by Professional Christian Coaching Institute
  • Practicing soul care for over a decade
  • Distinguished Toastmaster
  • Author of: The Big Story - My Worldview, and The Big Story - Old Way, New Way, a gospel curriculum for grades 2-5.
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