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What is standing in your way?

You desire intimacy with God, but it feels elusive. You feel something different than what you know to be true. The question is not “what more can you do?” Rather, what is standing in your way?

In our private sessions, we will gently explore those feelings, beliefs, and issues that hold you back. We will uncover obstacles that prevent you from enjoying God’s love and peace. The goal of soul care is for you to have an encounter with God that leads to deeper connection and freedom. You can rest completely in my expertise to lovingly guide the process in partnership with the Holy Spirit.

As God shines the light, we invite Him to speak directly to you — You will learn to join God in the transformation of your heart.

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I've known Kinsey for several years, since we both book a class together offered by an instructor at PCCI. She coached me while I struggled to build a coaching business and after I chose to set that aside and retire. With Kinsey's help I learned - and am still learning - to choose my goals waiting on God, and take those feelings that interfere with my progress to Him. She is very non-judgemental but is not afraid to be plain in her language when that's what's needed. She lovingly confronted me when I tried to run away from things that were difficult to face. In these past few years I've grown. Because of her I've learned to be more open with God and to take all of my cares and concerns to Him. I would recommend her as a coach to any Christian who wants to know God better and live more fully for Him.

—Mary T

Having read a number of resources by John Eldredge, Dan Allender, Dallas Willard, Jay Stringer and others, I’d been long searching for one-to-one engagement to help me along my own journey of personal transformation. Through Coach Kinsey’s careful and insightful exploration of my story, I’ve been able dive deep into the areas of sin, brokenness and strongholds, become closer to our good and wonderful Father and experience true freedom. I highly recommend anyone to take that first step and contact Kinsey for soul care.

—Jason S

I have a master's degree in counseling and I have been to counseling myself, but I had never experienced soul care the way that Kinsey has coached me for almost two years. I didn't know that I had a story to explore until I started to look deeper into my heart's struggles. The struggles were actually chains that I had become so used to carrying. I didn't know I could be free of them. Kinsey helps me to identify agreements and lies I believe and gives me practice in how to renounce them. She has coached me in how to develop listening ears that can hear the Spirit and filter His voice from all the lies. She knows this is the most critical need she can meet. She helps to free people of all the mess that gets in the way of truly knowing Him and his heart for each of us.

—Jamie R

Kinsey always leads me right back to the feet of Jesus. It always amazes how quickly Jesus can heal wounds. Kinsey isn’t a counselor but she always brings me to a place to receive the ultimate counseling from the Spirit. She is a big part of my healing process and I am so grateful for the calling God has placed on her. I would not want to take this journey without her.

—Joanna C

God used Coach Kinsey to help me through the darkest, most difficult time in my life. I experienced a spiritual, emotional, physical and mental breakdown a few years ago. Kinsey's unconditional love, wisdom and constant reminders that God loves me were the life rafts that kept me from drowning in a sea of anxiety. Without Kinsey's help, I'm not quite sure where I would be. I'm not sure that I would have any relationship with God anymore without her help. Gratefully, my relationship with God is coming back to life. I'm actively and contentedly involved in my church, and I'm nearly completely restored in my physical and emotional help. There's no doubt that God brought healing to me and he used Coach Kinsey as a conduit of His powerful, healing love.

—Meredith W

Coach Kinsey is amazing! I cannot recommend her highly enough. She has a way of bringing my heart directly to Jesus’ heart, and as a result, my relationship with Him has become more intimate and more “real”! With her sweet spirit, listening ear, deep and powerful questions, and encouragement to listen to what God has to say, Kinsey has truly made a lasting impact in my life.

—Mary S.

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