Hear God say what it is about you that makes Him smile and brings Him pleasure. Does God really speak to us like this? Does He really have a personal word for each of us?

Taking the time to slow down and listen can be difficult and uncomfortable; we hesitate because we fear we’re doing it wrong, or we let shame or guilt get in the way of it. The lies we hear and repeat to ourselves can also make us deaf to His voice. 

Come into a safe place where others like you explore what it’s like to hear the voice of God.

  • Learn through God’s word how He has pursued you.
  • Receive step-by-step instructions on how to listen to God.
  • See the various ways God speaks to His daughters.
  • Discover that you are a cherished daughter of an adoring Father.

Ready to hear God’s voice?

In our six weekly meetings, you will receive Biblical support and guidance that equips you to hear God’s love.

Seating is limited to ten so you get individual attention and hear others’ experience.


I have been forever impacted by the faith and action that Kinsey takes around her calling - to bring women to the feet of Jesus. Kinsey is an extraordinary teacher who brings some of God's unlimited creative perspective toward prayer. It keeps prayer fresh and exciting and deeply experiential. What could be more impactful than to experience God in such a personal and powerful way?

—Diane D

Kinsey always leads me right back to the feet of Jesus. It always amazes how quickly Jesus can heal wounds. Kinsey isn’t a counselor but she always brings me to a place to receive the ultimate counseling from the Spirit. She is a big part of my healing process and I am so grateful for the calling God has placed on her. I would not want to take this journey without her.

—Joanna C

Kinsey is the real deal. She lives the life she encourages me to live. She has taught me to be still and listen to what God has to say. That has been transformational. She was very instrumental in helping me get on track with my calling. I always tell people, "call Kinsey, she can help you".

—Sharon E

I have struggled for decades with feeling like I have made up this intimacy with God stuff. There have been moments, sure, but they didn’t linger. Kinsey’s group provided me a safe playground to experiment and explore my relationship with God, and all I can say is… Wow! He is definitely speaking. Even to me. If God is giving you the opportunity to join Kinsey’s group, if you feel that tug at your heart… don’t hesitate.

—Susan Fleming
Winter Haven, FL

This group helped me to discipline myself to spend time with Abba, specifically in listening. The homework was helpful in directing me into a biblical understanding of how much God wants to be in relationship with us. I enjoyed learning, listening, and sharing with others in the group setting.

—Dr. Pamela Paul
Largo, Fl

Kinsey has a special gift from God to usher His people into His presence to hear tender words of love from Him. I loved being part of the Abba listening group with Kinsey. I highly recommend her services of either individual coaching or being part of one of her groups.

—Mary Lou
Orlando, FL
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