Discover God’s Loving Pursuit,
Encounter Him Afresh, and Hear His Voice

In this workshop, God’s larger story of love is presented, and you will learn how God has been pursuing you personally. You will discover that it is possible to encounter God without all of the exhausting spiritual disciplines.  

Breakout sessions will give you the opportunity to encounter Him and hear Him speak directly to you. 

The take-home workbook will guide you through the experience and will be a valuable resource to recall and enjoy God’s love long after the event.

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Hear what others say

As a member of the women's ministry team I have posed the question to women from ages 15 to 87 "did you have s fresh encounter with God?" without exception they have all said yes and proceeded to tell me about their encounter. Every woman should learn how to have a fresh encounter with God. Thank you Kinsey for your passion, preparation, and prayers. The conference was wonderful.

—Rhonda Miller
Grace Life Baptist Church, McCalla, AL

I can’t say enough about the Fresh Encounter Workshop with Kinsey Oglesby. Through the her adept guidance, Kinsey taught me to be still and listen, thereby knowing that He is God, and He has a personal message for each of His children. Kinsey identified her own personal experience with learning to listen to Abba and helped me to listen, too. I started just asking for His word for me for that day and that grew to be more and more. I have since filled several journals with His messages to me. When I really listen, He has me on the edge of my chair wanting more. Through this, my relationship with my Abba, Father has deepened.

—Debbie P.
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