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Do you long to experience God’s smile and blessing? To feel His presence and companionship? Perhaps you have exerted heroic effort doing all the “right things” — yet you feel that something is missing. Do you ask yourself, is this it? Is this the abundant life?

I can show you a simpler way. Maybe it doesn’t have to be so much work to experience the deep, deep love of God. Perhaps God is not in all the doing.

I can lead you down a simpler and more enjoyable path to God.

I can help you identify and remove the obstacles that stand in your way. Women who walk with me will find new freedoms, greater enjoyment of God, and deeper understanding of their own value and purpose.

God takes great pleasure in you.  I can help you realize it. Take a deep breath and together let’s find rest for your soul.

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Listening Prayer was a new experience for me. Initially, I was a little hesitant because it was an unfamiliar way to connect with the Lord and I felt unsure that I would "do it right" (whatever that means). Kinsey made the process so comfortable and easy, and WOW was I blown away with the results. I came to realize that God is talking to me all the time, but I don't usually slow down to listen very well. I've been able to obtain God's direction in the midst of decisions, hear His love & affection for me, and more. I can honestly say that I have a much richer prayer life as I've learned to recognize His voice in my every day life.


I have struggled for decades with feeling like I have made up this intimacy with God stuff. There have been moments, sure, but they didn’t linger. Kinsey’s group provided me a safe playground to experiment and explore my relationship with God, and all I can say is… Wow! He is definitely speaking. Even to me. If God is giving you the opportunity to join Kinsey’s group, if you feel that tug at your heart… don’t hesitate.

—Susan Fleming
Winter Haven, FL

God used Coach Kinsey to help me through the darkest, most difficult time in my life. I experienced a spiritual, emotional, physical and mental breakdown a few years ago. Kinsey's unconditional love, wisdom and constant reminders that God loves me were the life rafts that kept me from drowning in a sea of anxiety. Without Kinsey's help, I'm not quite sure where I would be. I'm not sure that I would have any relationship with God anymore without her help. Gratefully, my relationship with God is coming back to life. I'm actively and contentedly involved in my church, and I'm nearly completely restored in my physical and emotional help. There's no doubt that God brought healing to me and he used Coach Kinsey as a conduit of His powerful, healing love.

—Meredith W

Kinsey always leads me right back to the feet of Jesus. It always amazes how quickly Jesus can heal wounds. Kinsey isn’t a counselor but she always brings me to a place to receive the ultimate counseling from the Spirit. She is a big part of my healing process and I am so grateful for the calling God has placed on her. I would not want to take this journey without her.

—Joanna C

I have a master's degree in counseling and I have been to counseling myself, but I had never experienced soul care the way that Kinsey has coached me for almost two years. I didn't know that I had a story to explore until I started to look deeper into my heart's struggles. The struggles were actually chains that I had become so used to carrying. I didn't know I could be free of them. Kinsey helps me to identify agreements and lies I believe and gives me practice in how to renounce them. She has coached me in how to develop listening ears that can hear the Spirit and filter His voice from all the lies. She knows this is the most critical need she can meet. She helps to free people of all the mess that gets in the way of truly knowing Him and his heart for each of us.

—Jamie R

Intimacy with God starts here


You desire intimacy with God, but it feels elusive. You feel something different than what you know to be true. The question is not “what more can you do?” Rather, What is standing in your way?

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In this workshop, God’s larger story of love is presented, and you will learn another way of experiencing God’s favor without all the back-breaking toil.

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Taking the time to slow down and listen can be difficult and uncomfortable; we hesitate because we fear we’re doing it wrong, or we let shame or guilt get in the way of it. The lies we hear and repeat to ourselves can also make us deaf to His voice.

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